Intersections: Design Showcase MAY 3 - MAY 4


Friday May 3, 5:30-9:00PM
Saturday May 4, 12:00 - 2:30PM

Kenilworth Square - 6th Floor
1925 East Kenilworth Place, Milwaukee, WI

The Show

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s 3rd senior Graphic Design showcase, Resolution 2013: Intersections of Milwaukee. Each year the students raise funds for and design and build their senior exhibition to showcase the culmination of their design education.

For this showcase, students focused on the art of storytelling, we asked the students to look outward into their community for inspiration. Their research encompassed meeting community and neighborhood leaders, business leaders, teachers, artists and visionaries; conducting interviews and photographing the people and places that make Milwaukee great.

The senior capstone show evolved out of three areas of exploration that offer a glimpse of Milwaukee through the eyes of those that love it most.

The Process

The first part of the showcase celebrates our students. It looks at them as part of the future of Milwaukee and expresses what they have learned through their experiences here in the city and at UWM.

The second part of the showcase celebrates the people changing Milwaukee in large and small ways. Students began by choosing “makers and shapers” of Milwaukee to interview and photograph. Students designed Eames cards to visualize the intersections that connect them with the people shaping the city. The Eames cards were combined to be a prominent sculptural feature in this show.

The third and final component focused on students engaging with the community to design for good. Through innovative design, research and one-on-one interaction with clients, students used problem-solving skills to give a voice to some of the lesser known populations in the community.

This show celebrates the intersections between all people, and provides insight into the way the students can change the future of our city.

For more information and a preview of exhibited work please visit: Resolution 2013